DV-2017 Green Card Lottery.

DV-2017 Green card lottery program which is run by the American Government had accepted entries from the participants in the year 2015. Actually this programs official name is DV-2017 diversity visa lottery program. Now all the participants are waiting to see their online selection results which will be available in the coming month through the internet. Selected winners can go with the visa processing which will commence on 01st of October 2016 and will close on 30th September 2017.

The official website of the visa lottery program is now closed from accepting E-DV entries and it will remain closed until the month of October this year.

This program is considered as the best path to immigrate to the USA with less money and in quick time if the applicants had been born in any of the eligible country and meet all the eligibility. If they are lucky they should be selected as winner with a low case number.

As per the U.S State Department source,"DV-2017 started on 01st of October 2015 and stopped providing application forms and accepting them till 03rd November 2015. Applicants were asked to participate in this draw early as possible as there may be a big rush during the closing dates as in these dates there may be web site outage may occur due to large number of people try to access the web site."

This draw is designed to issue 50,000 visas under this FY-2017 program. As all the selected winners for the draw may not have the required eligibility, nearly 100,000 people will be selected as winners and will be requested to continue with their winning to get their visas from the available 50,000 slots. Selection results will be available by in the month of May.

At the moment there are no facilities to submit any more entries in to this FY program. If you are interested in participating in this name selection draw for to get American visas, you have to wait to submit your entries to the next coming American visa draw DV-2018. This may take place in this year 2016

Natives from named eligible countries only were requested to participate in this draw. In the last year held draw too, Nigeria and Bangladesh born people along with some other country born people were not allowed to participate as their countries are placed in the ineligible country list. This is due to more than 50,000 Nigerians and more than 50,000 Bangladesh natives had immigrated to the USA within the last 5 year period.

No email or postal mail will be used to announce the selection of the individual winners. Winners are requested to use the DS 160 online visa processing entry form to proceed with their winnings. Earlier people were asked to proceed with their winning by sending their papers through postal mail, and this method is now not accepted by the State Department any more.

Winner diversity visa processing fee is US$330 and if they are issued with the American entry permits to get their green card they must pay another US$165, as USCIS processing fee.

This program is endorsed by the Senate to maintain the diversity of people living in the USA, although some Senators don't like this program as they think that this program is bringing unwanted people in to the country. So if you are an educated young person from an eligible country and if you are looking for a bright future in the USA, don't miss this official random name selection program to make your dreams come true in a short period. Apply through the online application form that is called as E-DV entry form.

If you had used a lawyer, law firm or an agent service to apply for the draw, ask them to give your confirmation number after applying.
Without this confirmation number you can't check your online selection results after your participation.

Important notice to the DV-2014 and DV-2015 Green Card Lottery winners.
These programs were closed on 30th September 2014 and in 2015 respectively, and no one can benefit from their winning any more.

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