DV 2018 American Visa Lottery.

7:57 AM 10/13/2016

DV 2018 is the current American Green card lottery program and it is now accepting entries for this green card lottery. Those who want to participate in this lucky draw need to access the official website through internet connected PC, Laptop or Smartphone and can download the application form and can apply through it. This diversity visa lottery program is designed to issue nearly 50,000 American Green Cards (LPR) to live and work in the USA legally. The state Department will start to issue visas to those selected winners starting from October 2017 till 30th September 2018 under the DV-2018 visa lottery program.

Those who want to participate in this draw can get the support of a person or company who has the facility to access the internet and to submit their entries along with their digital photo file through the official American diversity visa lottery program website.

If you have to submit your entry through a person (Agent), Law Firm or through a company, then they will ask you to pay for their service they have provided. When you deal with a Agent ask them to allow you to watch the submission process and to provide you with your confirmation number. Otherwise, if you are winner they may ask you to pay lot of money to provide your confirmation number which is known as the pass cord in Africa Region. Also check whether the agent is using your email address in the application form, otherwise you can't proceed with your winning, if selected in the draw.

Those who can access the internet and submit their entries need not to pay any fee as it is free to apply program offered by the American Government.

Basic requirements to participate in the green card lottery program.

  1. You must have been born in an eligible country. (The eligible country list will be published by the U.S State Department.)
  2. In the last held draw, Nigeria and Bangladesh born natives were not allowed to participate along with some other country born people.
  3. Must have successfully passed the High School certificate (WAEC, GCE A/L, etc) after following 12 years of junior and high school education or should have 2 years of work experience within the last 5 years after learning the trade for 2 years. For more information on qualifying through work experience, read the DV-2018 Instructions.
  4. Married person must include spouse and all their eligible children who are unmarried and under the age of 21 with their individual digital photo file. This will include eligible children from their previous marriages and legally adopted children. Also each of them must be entered in their birth order along with their individual digital photo files.
  5. Main applicant and all the dependants should include their individual digital color photo file along with their online entry form. The digital photo file should meet the requirements as per the Instructions. Family photos and black and white photos are not accepted in the draw.

Online Application forms are going to available soon in this year 2016.

DV-Entry website opened on 04/10/2016.
DV-Entry will close on 07/11/2016

Entry submission period will be announced by the State Department very soon and it will be available in this website once it is announced by them.

Results for this DV-2018 draw will be available in the year 2017 and you will need to have your confirmation number to check it online.
DV Lottery Results: Here.

Source: dvlottery.state.gov